How does this work?

We use artificial intelligence to blend the style of one image with the content of another (the photo you upload). A trained neural network redraws the photo using the features learned from different works of art.

How big of a photograph can I stylize?

We can render images up to 8 MegaPixels (8 million pixels) in size. For a 2:3 aspect ratio photo, this would make the image about 2309x3464 pixels. This can make a good print at 32x48 inches, or 80x120 centimeters. Rendering in high resolution requires a credit.

If you become a Premier Member, all of your images will be rendered up to 2 MegaPixels. If you are not a Premier Member and you do not use a credit for high resolution, the artwork you create will be aproximately 0.5 MegaPixels.

You can upload digital images larger than 8 MP, but the image will be resized down.

Will I own the copyright to the photos I stylize?

We (Nexmuse, LLC) do not claim any copyright to any artwork created on Nexmuse.com. To be sure that you are the copyright owner, you should consult with a legal expert.

Will you use my photos or art that I create for advertising or any other purpose?

No. We (Nexmuse, LLC) will not use your photos or share any of your artwork without your permission.

How long do you store the photos I upload or the art I create?

All photos uploaded to our website will be stored for 48 hours for your convenience. They will then be automatically deleted from our servers.

All artwork created on our website will be deleted from our servers after 24 hours. If credits are used to render in high resolution, we will store the artwork for 30 days. You will be able to download the artwork during that time period by going to the 'saved art' section of your member area.

If artwork is shared with a social service (facebook, twitter, pinterest), we will store the artwork until the profile is deleted, or until requested to remove the art.

If you delete your profile, all photos uploaded and all artwork created by you will be deleted.

I registered with the website but I have not received my confirmation link!

If the email with the registration confirmation link is not in your inbox, please check your spam box. If you need the confirmation email resent, you can do so HERE